Dedicated Servers

For those that need the full power, security and flexibility of a fully dedicated server, we offer custom tailored dedicated servers ranging from basic single processor servers to Dual Quad-Core Xeon servers with 32 GBs of RAM and up to 1.5TB of disk space. Our dedicated server plans start as low as $159.95, depending on your needs.

Not all dedicated hosting services are created equal. In considering whether dedicated server hosting is the best choice for you, it is also important to know about the different levels of service we offer in terms of server management.

Dedicated hosting plans can include a fully managed server, in which case we take care of all of the day-to-day management of the dedicated server, including reboots, software patches, security and operating system updates, etc. without the client’s intervention. This is for a client who does not want to, or does not have the staff in-house, to take care of these tasks.

If you prefer to perform such tasks yourself, you might want to opt for a self-managed server. With a self-managed server plan, you are in fully in charge of your dedicated server, with no interference from us. Support for server reboot and backup is provided, and additional ad-hoc support is available as needed, for an additional fee.

If you do not want either of the two extremes, we also offer a semi-managed server option, which includes a moderate level of management support by our engineers, but also provides you with full autonomy and some responsibility in maintaining your server.