Network Design and Implementation

Design ImplementationIn today’s world, the heart of your business is your computer network.  Your network is the key to managing your digital information and communications. Designed well, a network vastly improves productivity and drastically reduces the threat of loss or theft of data. But networks require proper maintenance. Without care, they become security risks, money wasters, and unreliable.

CMS Consulting Group provides you with the essentials for a successful, reliable network from network assessment and conceptual design to the architecture, planning, and deployment. We help your business integrate and deploy a complex network infrastructure that leverages multi vendor technologies to optimize your network and cabling infrastructure.

We can design and install computer networks from ground up for clients regardless of their company size. We also maintain, support and upgrade networks according to industry needs. CMS also provides Network Security solutions by installing a Firewall at your office location to keep hackers out of your network.

Design Implementation Secure, Reliable, Cost-effective Network Design
Our network team builds and maintains the most secure, effective, and reliable networks. And we do so within your budget constraints.  We’re ready to assist you with:

  • Back-end system integration
  • Front-office implementation
  • Network architecture design
  • Active directory design and migration
  • IT infrastructure / IT governance
  • Local & Wide Area Network, VPN
  • Secure network computing

Top Performance with Ease of Maintenance

Design ImplementationWhether you're planning a new network, restructuring an existing network directory, or relocating or expanding a network, we can help design the layout that will provide the best performance, security, and ease of maintenance.  From system design and procurement through deployment, CMS Consulting Group manages every aspect of networking. We do network design right.

Don’t Be Redundant.
CMS engineers know how to eliminate unnecessary and costly duplication of your back-end systems.

Do Be Redundant. Do Be Redundant.
However, we take every precaution to make sure your systems are backed up and servers are designed with redundancy.