Hosted Dynamic CRM 4.0 Service

Businesses looking for a hosted CRM solution are driven by these primary needs:

  • Integrated customer information and communication between the customer service, sales, support and marketing departments.
  • Access to a full 360° view of each customer from anywhere at any time.
  • Need to increase corporate productivity without significantly increasing costs.
  • Lack of an IT staff to deploy and maintain a network infrastructure in-house.

360° Customer View without the Hassle or IT Staff

Are you in search of an automated, secure and efficient application which will allow all of you departments to work together to establish a well rounded understanding of a customers’ needs, wants, likes and dislikes, increasing customer loyalty establishing closer business relationships and increasing efficiency and productivity?

With Hosted Dynamic CRM, in addition to these benefits, you don’t have time to deal with the aggravation of deploying a CRM solution in-house or spending valuable time monitoring, maintaining and upgrading the servers down the road. You can hand off the responsibilities to us, and reap all the benefits without the hassle and expense. Now, small and medium sized businesses that don’t have the human or financial resources to deploy Microsoft Dynamics CRM in their office but want to take advantage of the benefits previously only available to the very largest businesses with our hosted CRM solution.

Provides sales and marketing with a more complete view of each customer and their buying habits, and let your IT staff focus on other more strategic and revenue generating activities while providing corporate executives with streamlined business processes and constant customer communication at a cost effective price.