Remote Support

Why wait for a technician to come to you? We support desktops, servers and networks around the globe regardless of location. Access to remote computer support requires nothing more than a broadband internet connection and a call to CMS at 1.800.892.9570.

After determining that the problem can be fixed remotely (hardware problems still require physical interaction) you are directed to a safe and secure web site that allows the technician to interact with your system with the same access as an in-office or in-home visit.

The technician remotely accesses your system to fix the operating system, remove viruses and spyware, repair an application or secure a private wireless network. The technician stays on the phone with you throughout the process, explaining each step and the cause of the problem as it resolved.

Typical Remote Services:

Virus & Spyware Removal (OS Service) - Price: $149.99
Find out what is wrong with your computer and get it fixed

PC Tune-up - Price: $49.99
Is your PC running slow? We will speed it up right now

Printer Help - Price: $49.99
Experiencing printer issues? Need a new printer installed?
We can help quickly setup and configure your new printer or get your old printer running again

Online Data Backup Setup - Price: $69.99
Get online data backup installed and configured on your PC. We will also show you how to access your files online once they have been backed up.

Software Install and Setup - Price: $49.99
Get that important piece of software up and running on your computer with this software installation service for PC. We will install and/or repair, configure and update 1 software title and add convenient desktop, start menu and quick launch bar shortcuts for quick and easy access. Software not included.

Microsoft Office Troubleshooting - Price: $69.99
Get help with Microsoft Office software issues for up to 30 minutes

Add a device to Existing Network - Price: $79.99
Add on compatible electronic device to your wired or wireless network with this electronic device setup service for PC. We will install 1 electronic device, such as PC access point, print server, wireless range extender, on your home network.

Wireless Network / Internet Security - Price: $79.99
Did you know that 80% of wireless networks are not secure? Agents can check the security of your existing Wireless Network using your high-speed internet connection and make it secure.

Email Troubleshooting - Price: $69.99
E-mail troubleshooting service. Get your e-mail client up and running on your computer. We will repair, configure and update the e-mail client. Software not included.