Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

If you want the search engines to find your site and bring you targeted traffic, then your site and its contents need to be properly optimized. Some designers feel that Meta tags are past their sell by date, and if you set up a blog with Google's Blogger system, they have dropped some of this. In spite of that, Meta information is important and most designers recognize that Meta tags can make the difference between a visitor coming to your site and landing on someone else's.

Most web designers now offer SEO services as well as the design, this involves proper keyword research. If you are setting up your own website then don't underestimate the importance of keyword research and Meta tags. Make sure that you have a succinct description that uses your keywords, it is also a good idea to use one or more of your keywords in the header, the Url and in your website title. Whatever you do, keep it short and simple.