Virtual Dedicated Server

A virtual dedicated server, more commonly known as a VDS (sometimes referred to as a VPS or Virtual Private Server), has much more power and flexibility than a shared hosting account without the cost of a dedicated server. VDS technology allows a single computer to be partitioned into multiple exclusive environments. These "virtual" servers are very close to a dedicated server for control, flexibility, performance and security, but are closer to shared hosting in cost.

Like a Dedicated Server, VDS hosting can be managed and unmanaged. Cost wise, the managed will be more expensive, but can save you a lot of headache. Also, if you need one, a virtual dedicated server can have a control panel pre-installed allowing for a seamless transition from shared hosting to VDS, or if you plan to host multiple sites for your clients.

With a VDS you will be provided a certain amount of disk space, bandwidth, RAM and CPU, all of which can be scaled up as your needs increase. Not all hosting companies provide virtual servers with the range of options, features, support and back-end performance that we do. Dedicated IP addresses, custom set-ups, and backups are all features that we include with every VDS.

CMS offers VDS solutions on two different platforms with either Windows or Linux, depending on your needs, starting as low as $79.95 per month.