Business Class Web Site Hosting

In today’s economy everyone needs to keep costs to a minimum, and with CMS our hosting is extremely competitive. Some other hosts may list a lower “teaser” price but will also charge extra for basic features. With CMS there are no hidden fees and we do not charge a set-up fee which some other hosts do. When you take into account everything that is included (high-end hardware, superior network connectivity, 24x7 support, etc.) we provide a great value for the money.

We offer shared, virtual dedicated and dedicated servers, custom tailored to each client, whereas most hosts try to fit you into one of their pre-fab solutions that may or may not be what you really need. With CMS you can start out with a small, cost-effective solution and as your business grows your hosting can grow with you.

Hosted Collaboration Tools

Leverage the powerful collaborative features within Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint Services and Dynamic CRM today without the hassle, time and capital expenditure necessary for in-house deployment. Get more done and enjoy the benefits of Anywhere/Anytime access with the peace of mind of knowing our dedicated team of specialists are constantly monitoring the extensive infrastructure. Get your team working together in minutes, all with no long term commitments or long term contracts.
Professional Web Design

On the Internet, your business is competing against tens, hundreds or even thousands of websites all doing the same type of business as you.

You need a website that is powerful, emotional and shows the visitor that his or her life would be more complete - better, easier, more productive, more profitable and happier - if he or she owned what it is you're selling.

It’s time to break away from the pack and forget everything you thought you knew about marketing and web design.